Good Health Africa History

Alex Aluso

Valerie Romeo

Don Romeo (Premier of Montserrat)

Dr Sharon Romeo 

mission & vision

GoHA is a child-centred ministry that aims to prevent and relieve poverty, provide education, provide health facilities, help the community to develop, provide clean water for drinking and houshold purposes. [DOWNLOAD BROCHURE]

friends of goha

You can make the difference in the lives of the children we help by becoming our partner. Consider making regular deposits on a monthly basis. Sponsorship Suggestions is in slide on Home page.

our leadership team

1998 - The idea for Good Health Africa was born

2003 - Donald Romeo Community School was opened             in Khayega, a small town in the district of                     Kakamega in Kenya.

2006 - GoHA won her a place as one of three finalists             of the Black Women in Business Awards in the            “Social and Humanitarian” category.

2011 - Sarah Jane Elizabeth Romeo received the                   Mother of the Year Award from MPS-NY                       (Read story)

2000 - 2013 - £15,000 raised through the support of

                    FRIENDS of GoHA.

2013DRCS Primary School results:

  • 2nd place(out of 86) in the district
  • Highest marks in Maths(100%) for the KCPE exam (11+ secondary school entrance test)
  • First Prize: District English Trophy
  • First Prize: District Drama Festival

David Wekesa Saenyi


I am so touched by everyone that assists us in funding the programs for Good Health Africa especially little Arla, a three year old girl who resides in the United Kingdom. She gave her penny that she had left back from a vacation she went on to the Caribbean, indicating that this is to help with all that you are doing.

I'm am so moved by her gift I plan to name a classroom after her.


Paul Wafula
Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Sarah Jane Elizabeth Romeo better known as Beth Romeo


urgent needs

  1. New school bus ~£33,000
  2. Improved salaries for teachers to reduce the brain drain
  3. More money for food (prices doubled) 

Daniel Kwemoi
Head Teacher

Our founder