The Donald Romeo Community School is the brain child of Mr and Mrs Donald Romeo.  It is located in rural Kenya in the western part of the country, in Kakamega County.

The school was founded to give poor children in rural Kenya an opportunity to get a Christian education while simultaneously taking the opportunity to evangelize to the community.  The school is based on the Seventh Day Adventist faith and seeks to spread the word of God to the students and the community in which it is based. 

The school has been performing very well in the National Examinations and enjoys considerable respect from the community, the surrounding schools, and the local officials of the Ministry of Education.

Whereas it continues to experience challenges in terms of resources, the Directors, the Board of Management, and the School management and staff continue to show a sense of commitment to the school that can only suggest that the good Lord is in control.

It is my pleasure in my capacity as the Chair of the Board of Management for the School to welcome you to this website.

Alexander L. Alusa
Chair, B.O.M.


Donald Romeo Community School,
P. O. Box 823/50104,
Museno Khayega,
Kakamega District,
East Africa


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